Le Château, view on the lake

The castle stairwell
The castle north face
Lime tree bedroom
Pheasant bedroom
Blue bedroom
Green bedroom
Castle main entrance
Have a convivial and large breakfast in the castle
The living room, the soul of the castle and the expression of a certain "art de vivre".
The linden tree bathroom
The beige bedroom
The pheasant bathroom

Le Château de Saint-Frambault, luxurious house near Le Mans

Le Château, gives courtyard of the woods, and terrace side of the park. It features below the terrace a small French garden planted with yews, a helicopter landing site and a pond. Inside the castle is lit by large windows and bright, soft paints. The furniture of the eighteenth century adds to the charm of the place, except for a contemporary suite and charming second floor. It also includes 4 bedrooms with bathroom, and a suite with two bedrooms and a bathroom.


1 Contemporary Suite


TheTilleul room, recently renovated, enjoys views to the north, south and east of the Castle and a spacious bathroom.


4 Bedrooms with bathroom


The room pheasants, the beige room, the blue room, the Royal all have a bathroom and are open all year.


1 Suite with 2 bedrooms


The gray room including the adjacent green room both give a bathroom. This suite has a view over the park and ponds.



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